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January 28, 2008

Gnome RDP Error

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When trying to launch Gnome-RDP I would get the following error:

“Error during the connection to database”

The fix was simple, simply remove the .gnome-rdp.db file.

Open the terminal (make sure your in your home directory by typing “cd”) and enter:

rm .gnome-rdp.db

The problem should be fixed!


January 22, 2008

Installing NetBeans in Ubuntu

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After much struggling to install NetBeans in Linux I have found a simple way to do it.  Currently this installs NetBeans version 5.5.1.

Open the Synaptic Package Manager:

System >> Administration >> Synaptic Package Manager

Enable “Unsupported updates (gusty-backports)” by checking the box in:

Settings >> Repositories >> Updates

Click “Close”

Click “Reload” and then “Search”

Enter “netbeans” click the check box and select “Mark for installation”

You will be asked to “Mark additional required changes?”

Click “Mark”

Synaptic will now install NetBeans and it will be available via:

Applications >> Programming >> NetBeans

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