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February 21, 2009

Resizing Vertical Viewports in Vim

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One way to make your use of Vim more efficient is to make use of viewports (splits).  This article from explains just about everything about how to used the viewports in vim.  However there is one thing it does not mention, and this is how to changed the width of a vertical viewport.  Here’s how.

Ctrl+w > widens the viewport  (Press Ctrl+w and then “>”)

Ctrl+w < narrows the viewport (Press Ctrl+w and then “<“)

As usual with vim you can also use modifiers  to chage how much you widen/narrow the view port.  For example, to widen it by a 10 instead of 1:

Ctrl+w 10> widens viewport by 10

The number can be replaced with any value and also applies to the narrow viewport command.


January 22, 2009

Splitting and Merging PDF Files

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Today I had a situation where I needed to combine two PDF files into one.  PDF Split and Merge is a free excellent program for both splitting and merging PDF files.  This program allows you to split a PDF files according to a large number of criteria (see screen shot for all options) , as well as merge several PDF files into a single file.

PDF Split and Merge is available for download here.   For use on Linux systems download the Zip archive.  Though this post focuses on the Linux version, PDF Split and Merge is also available for windows and mac as well.

Once you’ve downloaded the program extract the contents of the zip file, by double clicking the Zip file and selecting “Extract.”

Once the files have been extracted there are two different ways to run the program.  The first is to right click the pdfsam-1.1.0.jar file and select “Open with Sun Java 6 Runtime.”  If you do not have that option in your right-click menu follow the steps below.

Open a terminal and change to the directory containing the extracted files and run:

java -jar pdfsam-1.1.0.jar

The program will open and you will be ready to split/merge your PDFs!

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